2017 Haval H6

70,164 kms

Wrecking – 2017 Haval H6

Used Parts for Sale

Damage to this 2017 Haval H6 has been sustained to the front side, however, there are still many quality parts available for salvage.

This vehicle is a FWD, 4 door station wagon and the exterior colour is white. Under the hood is a 2 Litre 4 Cylinder Petrol GW4C20 engine with automatic transmission.

Looking at the interior the seats are black leather, the vehicle also has electric mirrors and windows.

Other features include:

  • Central locking
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Steering
  • ABS

If you are interested in parts for this vehicle, call our friendly sales team on 1 800 820 054 or email  . Alternatively, you can search for parts now with the Total Parts Locator.  But remember, if you need some help or advice do not hesitate to give us a call.  When speaking with our friendly sales team please quote vehicle stock #4770

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    • 2017 Haval H6 - Used Engine for Sale
Currently, we have a 2017 Haval H6 Lux, stock reference number 4770. This shape runs from the seventh month, 2016, and is the current shape. It has a GW4C20 two-litre four-cylinder petrol engine backed by an automatic front-wheel drive transmission. GW4C20 two-litre four-cylinder petrol engine.

This vehicle had sustained damage in the front end. We have the left-front 19-inch factory alloy mag with a good tyre. The left guard appears to have no damage. Left power door mirror. Both left-hand doors appear to have no damage. Left rear 19-inch factory alloy mag with a good tyre. Left taillight. Left tailgate garnish. Tidy rear bumper cover. Tailgate appears to have no damage. Right tailgate garnish. Right-hand taillight. Right rear 19-inch factory alloy mag with a good tyre. Both right-hand doors and guard appear to have no damage. Right power door mirror and a right front 19-inch factory alloy mag with a good tyre. We have the driver's side door trim. Power window master switch.

This vehicle's fitted with a black leather interior. Black leather centre console lid. Automatic type console. Automatic gear shifter. Heater controls. Factory touchscreen media player. Interior mirror, courtesy lamp, sunroof, and sunglass holder type. Left-hand sun visor, right-hand sun visor, instrument cluster, and a tidy three-spoke leather steering wheel with cruise, audio, and phone buttons.

Here at Total Parts Plus, we have a real warranty which we uphold. We also ship parts Australia-wide daily.

How to use parts in stock


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When the search page is loaded use
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Part NameDescriptionCommentsPriceSearch Terms
HEATER FAN MOTOR11892: 07/16-01/2185
LEFT FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM12030: 07/16-01/2155
STEERING COLUMN13891: 07/16-01/21110
RIGHT REAR HUB ASSEMBLY14803: 07/16-01/2175
LEFT REAR STRUT14804: 07/16-01/2165
FRONT SEAT148687: 07/16-01/21LHF tidy black leather with headrest220
FRONT SEAT148687: 07/16-01/21RHF tidy black leather with headrest220
OVERFLOW BOTTLE15585: 07/16-01/2155
LOCK MECHANISM15590: 07/16-01/2155
ROCKER COVER2144: 07/16-01/212L plastic engine cover65
R BEAM/CRADLE/XMEMBR2168: 07/16-01/21110
WASHER BOTTLE2258: 07/16-01/2155
ABS PUMP/MODULATOR2260: 07/16-01/21125
AIR FLOW METER2260: 07/16-01/2155
A/C EVAPORATOR2260: 07/16-01/2185
RIGHT REAR STRUT2260: 07/16-01/2165
WIPER MOTOR2260: 07/16-01/2145
HEATER CORE/BOX2261: 07/16-01/21110
STEREO/HEAD UNIT2261: 07/16-01/21Factory touch screen media player110
RIGHT REAR TRAILING ARM2261: 07/16-01/21lower55
RIGHT REAR TRAILING ARM2261: 07/16-01/21trailing55
RIGHT REAR TRAILING ARM2261: 07/16-01/21upper55
SUN VISOR2261: 07/16-01/21LH55
WIPER LINKAGE2261: 07/16-01/2145
BRAKE BOOSTER2262: 07/16-01/2175
CONSOLE2262: 07/16-01/21Auto85
FUEL PUMP2262: 07/16-01/2175
GEAR STICK/SHIFTER2262: 07/16-01/21Auto75
HEATER/AC CONTROLS2262: 07/16-01/21110
LEFT FRONT STRUT2262: 07/16-01/2155
LEFT REAR HUB ASSEMBLY2262: 07/16-01/2175
MASTER CYLINDER2262: 07/16-01/2155
RIGHT DRIVESHAFT2262: 07/16-01/2175
RIGHT REAR SIDE GLASS2262: 07/16-01/2185
STABILIZER BAR2262: 07/16-01/2165
STEERING WHEEL2262: 07/16-01/21Tidy black leather110
WHEEL STEEL2262: 07/16-01/21Space saver with good tyre - one only85
WIPER ARM2262: 07/16-01/21Front pair only45
FRT XMEMBER/CRADLE2263: 07/16-01/21125
GLOVE BOX2263: 07/16-01/2155
INTERIOR MIRROR2263: 07/16-01/2155
LEFT REAR SIDE GLASS2263: 07/16-01/2185
THROTTLE BODY2263: 07/16-01/2165
ABS SENSOR2264: 07/16-01/21RR66
ABS SENSOR2264: 07/16-01/21RF66
ABS SENSOR2264: 07/16-01/21LF66
ABS SENSOR2264: 07/16-01/21LR66
FUEL SENDING UNIT2264: 07/16-01/2175
HEADREST2264: 07/16-01/212nd row centre black leather95
HEADREST2264: 07/16-01/212nd row LHR black leather95
HEADREST2264: 07/16-01/212nd row RHR black leather95
JACK/TOOL KIT2264: 07/16-01/2155
COMBINATION SWITCH2278: 07/16-01/2155
A/C COMPRESSOR2347: 07/16-01/2185
ALTERNATOR2355: 07/16-01/2155
LEFT REAR TRAILING ARM2657: 07/16-01/21trailing55
LEFT REAR TRAILING ARM2657: 07/16-01/21upper55
LEFT REAR TRAILING ARM2657: 07/16-01/21lower55
2ND SEAT (REAR SEAT)2661: 07/16-01/21LH black leather less headrest110
2ND SEAT (REAR SEAT)2661: 07/16-01/21RH black leather less headrest110
AIR CLEANER/BOX2795: 07/16-01/2175
WHEEL ALLOY2895: 07/16-01/21RHR wheel - no rash, good tyre - one only 225/55 R19165
WHEEL ALLOY2895: 07/16-01/21LHR wheel - 1" rash, good tyre - one only 225/55 R19165
WHEEL ALLOY2895: 07/16-01/21RHF wheel - no rash, good tyre - one only 225/55 R19165
WHEEL ALLOY2895: 07/16-01/21LHF wheel - no rash, good tyre - one only 225/55 R19165
COURTESY LIGHT3214: 07/16-01/21with sunglass holder65
INSTRUMENT CLUSTER366008: 07/16-01/2185
POWER WINDOW SWITCH3774: 07/16-01/21RHR45
POWER WINDOW SWITCH3774: 07/16-01/21Master switch45
POWER WINDOW SWITCH3774: 07/16-01/21LHR45
POWER WINDOW SWITCH3774: 07/16-01/21LHF45
LEFT DRIVESHAFT4144: 07/16-01/2175
CALIPER436043: 07/16-01/21LHF65
CALIPER436043: 07/16-01/21RHF65
CALIPER436043: 07/16-01/21RHR65
CALIPER436043: 07/16-01/21LHR65
SEAT BELT50764: 07/16-01/21LR, belt & stalk85
SEAT BELT50764: 07/16-01/21RR, belt & stalk85
BOOTLID/TAILGATEJ2248: TAILGATE, 07/16-000 Complete with camera440
REAR BUMPERJ2265: 07/16-01/21Tidy cover220