Environmental Benefits Of Using Recycled Auto Parts

There are many environmental and economical advantages for recycling and re-using car parts. Just about anything that can be re-used is going to help make a difference to the environment because a new product doesn’t have to be manufactured, using energy and precious resources. Most cars have a steel frame and if this steel is recycled, it helps save iron ore, coal, greenhouse gases and energy. Recycling metal uses 74% less energy than manufacturing new steel. Recycling car parts prevents them from ending up in landfill, which is a major environmental threat in our society. There are short term and long term environmental benefits for recycling car parts, the short term is that is saves money, reduces waste and harmful gases and energy to produce new parts. Long term it can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases the harm our atmosphere. Older cars can also contain mercury in the auto switches, which are now removed by auto parts recyclers to prevent mercury from entering the environment. Consumers need to be encouraged to recycle their vehicles at the end of its life to make sure that the environmental impact that it may have is reduced. This in turn will benefit future generations and the environment. By using recycled auto parts and also recycling your vehicle, you can be sure that you’re helping to protect the environment and also saving yourself money.