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The Jeep Cherokee is a dependable SUV for the family or for business use. But as with any vehicle, it may eventually need repairs. So, when you require quality parts, Jeep Cherokee wreckers can help you out.


However, we do understand the dilemma some people have about buying used car parts. They may be reluctant to buy because of doubts with the quality and performance. Or, they are simply not sure how to start.


There are many false assumptions people have about recycled auto parts. After all, why buy used parts when you can get them brand new? But you may be losing money and missing out because of these assumptions. This is why it is good to know what these common myths are and realize the facts.


We will talk about some myths around buying used car parts and debunk them. Then, we will share your best option for Cherokee wreckers in Brisbane and nearby areas. Here we go!


Myths About Buying Parts From Jeep Cherokee Wreckers


You have probably hesitated buying used Jeep Cherokee parts before because of what you assume to be true. Or perhaps, you did not know of any better option. So, you ended up spending hundreds of dollars on something that could have been cheaper elsewhere.


Is it worth the extra money? Perhaps not. Let’s learn more about the myths involved in buying second hand Jeep Cherokee spare parts. Then, you will no longer be missing out on amazing benefits in store for you!


  1. Used car parts are poor quality.


This is the usual misconception people have about Jeep Cherokee used spare parts. After all, second hand means the lifespan is shorter… Right? Well, not really. In fact, you will be amazed to know that used car parts can last long. And they are inexpensive, too.


Wreckers make sure that old parts from vehicles are reconditioned to do the job. Total Parts Plus, for instance, has quality controllers that clean, test and inspect car parts. They make sure that every item has passed strict standards before being put up for sale. Hence, you are not buying junk – you are getting a good value for your buck.


  1. Second hand parts have incompatibility issues.


This cannot get farther from the truth. In fact, brand new parts are more likely to be incompatible when produced by third-party manufacturers. Since they are not stock parts, there is a chance they will not fit your repair needs.


With stock auto parts for Jeep Cherokee, they are guaranteed to work well. But of course, brand new OEM parts are expensive. Unless you are willing to pay a hefty price for parts, it is not always a practical way to go.


Total Parts Plus has stock parts of all makes and models – including the Jeep Cherokee. From engines to transmissions and everywhere in between, we got it all. Since these are original parts, they are designed to match your needs. Just be sure to provide the accurate details when you purchase. This way, you will not end up buying parts with incompatible specifications.


  1. It is difficult to buy used car parts.


Most people imagine junkyards to look like a huge mess – with parts scattered everywhere. It is easy to assume that buying second hand parts is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, this is not the case at all.


Many Cherokee wreckers have online shops to make the search and buying process seamless. For instance, Total Parts Plus has a helpful online search tool you can use. Simply enter the part details required to get relevant results. It is that simple!


But in the rare chance that you do not get results, let us know. We will handle the search on your behalf. As a member of Australia’s largest auto recycling group, we have access to thousands of car parts. Then, we will have the item reconditioned and ready for sale to be delivered at your doorstep.


  1. You only lose more money by purchasing second hand parts.


This is not true at all. First of all, used car parts are much cheaper than brand new. So right off the bat, you do not lose money. But it is important that you look for Jeep Cherokee wreckers that offer a warranty on their products. This is essential since you can get a full refund when you buy the wrong item. Or perhaps, it has defects or simply does not meet your needs.


Total Parts Plus offers a warranty on all of our products. This is why there is absolutely no risk when you purchase from us. When the item you purchased falls below your expectations, let us know. We will refund your money – no questions asked. So, you can ease your worries when buying used parts from us.


  1. It is a waste of time.


The idea that second hand parts are more time-consuming is not at all true. There are many car wreckers that offer a seamless buying experience to customers. From the search process to checking out, it is convenient.


Total Parts Plus makes it quick and easy to search for car parts. Use our Total Parts Locata to find what you need in seconds. Then, opt to have the item delivered to you. We have three local delivery runs in Brisbane and interstate shipping every day. Thus, you can save time and energy by purchasing quality second hand spares from us.


Brisbane’s Leading Jeep Cherokee Wreckers


Buying car parts is never a fun experience for anyone. Considering the cost involved with brand new parts, it is the bane of car owners’ existence. But if you could find a cheaper alternative, all the better!


Total Parts Plus offers highly competitive pricing for quality used car parts. From engines to transmissions and other parts, we have them all for you. Plus, our price point will surely meet your budget. This is why you get more for less each time. We have stock parts for all makes and models including the Jeep Cherokee.


Visit our website to start using our Total Parts Locata online search tool. And be sure to follow us on our Facebook page to get regular updates on new parts and arrival dates. Call or send us an email if you need help – we cannot wait to serve you soon!