Total Parts Plus is not only about providing quality auto recycled parts at great prices, we also place great importance on delivering exceptional service and recognise the importance of going that extra mile as auto wreckers and educating our customers.

This page is dedicated to providing a basic knowledge of how certain components work in a vehicle.  Having a better understanding of how things work and the important role that each car part plays in your vehicle may prevent the heartache of having to deal with the cost and time involved with a major repair.

Knowing that you can actually source a majority of the car parts from a car wreckers like Total Parts Plus and not necessarily a new car dealer is also a bonus.

If you have been putting off replacing a worn or broken car part in your vehicle because of the cost maybe you should consider giving us a call and exploring the option of an auto recycled part.  Second-hand parts are not only cheaper you are also playing your part on looking after the environment by reducing the amount of landfill.

So …. what are you waiting for??  – Knowledge is Power!!!!